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At Smiles we ensure that the safety of the child always comes first whilst continuing to convey a nature that is still caring, inspiring and thought provoking. We encourage the children to explore and discover any apparatus and materials on their own accord, which in turn allows the children to develop, socially and academically. Smiles activities include:

Cooking and Planting

All children are encouraged to take part in cooking and planting activities from which they learn basic science, food safety, and health and hygiene.


Pre-primary Math’s and English

At Smiles we introduce these activities on your child’s first day at nursery. We find that this approach makes the transition from Pre-school to Primary School smoother for the child.



French is taught to the children in Pre School. In these classes the children perform both oral and written exercises.


Sand & Water Play

These activities stimulate the child’s perception of basic scientific and mathematical concepts such as capacity, volume and mass.


Practical Life

Practical life activities are tasks that we as adults take for granted such as pouring a drink from a jug to a cup or tying our shoe laces. We assist the children to develop these skills and control and co-ordinate their movements. We believe this encourages independence.


Imaginative Play

Role-play is very important during the formative years; it is a well known fact that it assists the children in conveying their freedom of expression. We have a variety of dressing-up clothes and moveable props for this purpose, we ensure that all areas of learning are embedded within their play. For example, being designated characters and re-enacting Fairy Tales, the children are developing their language and listening skills, whilst also being encouraged to converse and interact with others.


Music & Movement

We introduce the children to a variety of easy to use musical instruments, which develops the children’s expressive communication skills, whilst also allowing them to relax and enjoy listening to and participating in creating their own music.


Diddi Dance

Diddi Dance is enjoyed by the children throughout the nursery. A professional dance, drama & music teacher attends the nursery alternate weeks for all children over one. Children develop self-expression and creativity while improving body awareness.


Construction Toys

These activities develop physical and manipulative skills allowing the child to show their understanding of the world in terms that demonstrate their newly acquired developed skills.


Rugger Bugs

Rugger Bugs is enjoyed by the children throughout the nursery. A professional rugby teacher attends the nursery alternate weeks for all children over one. Rugger Bugs is designed to promote and instill a fun positive attitude towards sport and fitness. The activities centre on developing children’s basic co-ordination and agility, social interaction is also a key concept as children learn valuable life skills such as listening, sharing, turn taking and team work.


School Outing

A yearly nursery outing is organised for the Pre School children which reinforces the theme of the current project. The outing is not compulsory, but for those who attend a small fee is payable.