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Ofsted Report 2011
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Dr Maria Montessori was born in 1870, and 26 years later went on to become the first woman in Italy to become a qualified doctor. After qualifying she was appointed assistant doctor in a clinic within the University of Rome, to work and observe children in a scientific manner. Without the usual pre-conceived educational ideas, she was able to create new techniques of education, which would emphasise the ‘unique’ development of each child. This has led to the Montessori Approach believing strongly in spontaneity and independence whereby the child is encouraged to select their own activities to explore and manipulate for themselves.

Research into this approach has shown that the earlier a child learns to interact with others, the more developed their social skills and confidence is in the future. A Preschool of good standing – like SMILES Montessori – has been proven to aid greatly in the development of the child. “All children have an innate desire to learn”, this philosophy enthused by Dr. Maria Montessori, is practised by the whole school through three traditional Montessori principles. These are:-

  • Observation
  • Individual freedom
  • Preparation of the environment

These three principles guide teachers to “control the environment” and not the child. To look at the child as an unknown entity or being and allows the child’s true nature to freely emerge.

The school is divided into 5 classrooms; baby room 3 months – 1 year; toddler room 1-2 years; upper toddlers 2-2½ yrs - reception class 2½-3½ years; upper group 3½-5 years. Each classroom provides a range of activities appropriate for the age and stage of the development of the child. The school also has an outdoor play area, and when weather permits children can also take advantage of Bush Fair playground.

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